Year of Commencement:1982
Sponsor : Prof. M. Shadaksharaswamy
Felicitation Committee.
Frequency : Once in three years
Value : Rs.10,000/- with a citation


  • Eminent teachers in Biological Chemistry & Allied Sciences at the postgraduate level in Indian Universities, deemed Universities andInstitutions of higher learning for their contributions in     teaching and research
  • No age limit
  • Recipient of the award should give a lecture at the time of annual meeting of  SBC(I) on a topic of his/her choice.
  • Eligible person has to be nominated by a life member of the Society and no self nomination is accepted  SBC(I) on a topic of his/her choice.


Dr. S. Ramkrishnan 1982
Dr. T. N. Pattabhiraman, KMC, Manipal 1984
Dr. P. S. Murthy, UDSC, Delhi 1986
Dr. A. S. Balasubramanian, CMC, Vellore 1988
Dr. R. K. Mandal, Bose Instt., Kolkata 1990
Dr. K. A. Balsubramanian, CMC, Vellore 1992
Dr. A. N. Lahari Majumder, Bose Instt., Kolkata 1994
Dr. K. Muralidhar, Univ. of Delhi, Delhi 1996
Dr. V. H. Mulimani, Univ. of Gulbarga, Gulbarga 2000
Dr. M. N. Gupta, IIT, Delhi 2004
Dr. N Sivakumar, Univ. of Hyd, Hyderabad 2007
Dr. K V Ramaiah, Univ. of Hyd, Hyderabad 2010
Dr. Jayant K. Pal, Pune University, Pune 2013
Dr. B. J. Rao, TIFR, Mumbai 2015
Dr. Kumaravel Somasundaram, IISc, Bangalore 2018