Yaear of Commencement :1973
Frequency : Once in three years
Value : Rs.10,000/- with a citation


  • Award is for the best work done in the field of Biochemistry and Allied Sciences in India
  • Recipient of the award should not have completed 50 years before January 1st in the year for     which the award is announced.
  • A lecture will be scheduled at the Annual Meeting of SBC(I) and presentation will be made at that     time.
  • Eligible person has to be nominated by a life member of the Society and no self nomination is accepted.


Dr. L. K. Ramachandran, Osmania Univ., Hyderabad 1973
Dr. C. S. Vaidyanathan, IISc., Bangalore 1975
Dr. T. Ramasarma, IISc., Bangalore 1977
Dr. G. Padmanban, IISc., Bangalore 1979
Dr. D. Balasubramanian, CCMB, Hyderabad 1980
Dr. M. R. S. Rao, IISc., Bangalore 1985
Dr. B. Bhattacharyya, Bose Instt., Kolkata 1987
Dr. V. Prakash, CFTRI, Mysore 1989
Dr. H .S. Savithri, IISc., Bangalore 1991
Dr. Anil K. Tyagi, UDSC, New Delhi 1993
Dr. Dipankar Chatterjee, CCMB, Hyderabad 1995
Dr. D. N. Rao, IISc., Bangalore 1997
Dr. Jaya .S. Tyagi, AIIMS, New Delhi 1999
Dr. Umesh Varshney, IISc., Bangalore 2001
Dr. Pinak Chakrabarti, Bose Instt., Kolkata 2004
Dr. Dulal Panda, IIT-Mumbai, Mumbai 2007
Dr. Hari Misra, BARC, Mumbai 2010
Dr. P. N. Rangarajan, IISc, Bangalore 2013
Dr. Vinay Kumar Nandicoori, NII, New Delhi 2016
Dr. Annapoorni Rangarajan, IISc, Bangalore 2019