In order to recognize the meritorious and significant contributions made by the members of the Society on the development of biological sciences in the country, the Society has instituted the following awards: M. Sreenivasaya memorial award (1972); P. S. Sarma memorial award (1973); A. Krishnamurthy award (1976); M. Shadaksharaswamy lecture award (1982); P. B. Rama Rao memorial award (1983); P. A. Kurup lecture award (1991); Best Poster award; B. S. Narasinga Rao best poster award (1992); D.P. Burma Poster Award (2008) P. R. Sudhakaran Best Poster Award (2014); C. R. Krishna Murti award (1995); I. S. Bhatia award (2000); and the A. N. Bhaduri award (2006). D P Burma Memorial Lecture Award

In order to encourage young scientists, especially the student members of the Society, as well as to popularize Indian Journals, the Society instituted the A. Krishnamurthy award for the best paper published in an Indian Journal and B.S. Narasinga Rao best poster award for the papers presented at the Annual meetings of the Society. The Society has instituted a “Financial support for research” scheme to support young research workers to carry out short term training/research activities in well established laboratories/ institutions in India. The branches of the Society are located all over India. To start a branch, there should be at least 20 members and the local members shall authorize one of them to act as a Convenor. It is clear that the effort of the branches in conducting branch activities have helped in SBC(I)’s growth. Year after year, many branches have organized several meetings and workshops. It has been the Society’s policy to support such activities to the extent possible. Each year, the major activity of the Society is to hold its annual scientific meeting. The venues of the annual meetings are enclosed. These annual meetings have attracted large number of leading scientists from all over India. The Society has been able to successfully maintain an intense scientific activity at these meetings. The major event in Society’s history was the 16th IUBMB Congress in 1994 and the 10th FAOBMB Congress 2003.

In short, the Society has grown over the years to be a giant among the professional societies of India. Leading scientists from different areas of Biological Sciences have put in enormous efforts in shaping and strengthening of the Society to its present stature