Year of Commencement : 1976
Frequency : Annually
Value : Rs.2,000/- with a citation


  • Recipient of the award should be below 30 years of age on January 1, of the year of the award.
  • Paper should be in the area of Biological Chemistry and Allied Sciences and the work should     have been carried out in India.
  • Paper published in any Indian Scientific Journal in the previous year will be considered for the     award.
  • In the case of multiple authorship, the senior author can nominate one of the authors or could be shared by all the eligible authors.
  • It is desirable that the awardee be asked to present the work at the Annual Meeting of the Society.
  • Eligible person has to be nominated by a life member of the Society and no self nomination is accepted.


Dr. M. S. Shaila, IISc., Bangalore 1976
Dr. S. K. Patnaik, BHU, Varanasi 1977
Dr. Usha. S. Murthy 1978
Dr. H. S. Savithri, IISc.,  Bangalore 1979
Dr. Vidya Gupta 1982
Dr. Raghavendra Gadgkar, IISc., Bangalore 1983
Dr. George Thomas, IISc., Bangalore 1984
Dr. Sridhar. N. Rao 1985
Dr. N. S. Punekar, IISc., Bangalore 1986
Dr. G. L. Prasad, IISc., Bangalore 1987
Dr. P. M. Viegas, BARC, Mumbai 1988
Dr. Kumudini Parkhe, MGIMS, wardha 1991
Dr. P. L. Jaison, SCTMC, Trivandrum 1992
Dr. Neelima Khairatkar-Joshi, BARC, Mumbai 1993
Dr. K. Mudhusudan, IISc., Bangalore 1994
Dr. Nambirajan, CCMB, Hyderabad 1996
Dr. Sarada Subramanian, IISc., Bangalore 1997
Dr. J. K. Pal, Univ. of Pune, Pune 1998
Dr. S. Chandrashekaran, IISc., Bangalore 2000
Dr. U. H. Munjunath, IISc., Bangalore 2001
Dr. Beena Pillai, IISc., Bangalore 2002
Dr. Aarohi Kulkarni, NCL, Pune 2003
Dr. Venkatakrishna Rao Jala, IISc., Bangalore 2004
No Nominations 2005-2013
Dr. Kruti Mehta Modi, BARC, Mumbai 2014
No Nominations 2015-2016
Dr. Nisha Singh, Garhwal University, Garhwal 2017
No Nominations 2018-2019