SBC(I) Award

“P. S. Sarma Memorial Award”
Dr. Annapoorni Rangarajan, IISc, Bangalore
“P A Kurup Endowment Lecture Award”
Dr. Amal Kanti Bera, IIT-Madras, Chennai
“D P Burma Memorial Award”
Dr. Chandrima Shaha, NII, New Delhi

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The Society Of Biological Chemists (INDIA)

To meet a long felt need of scientists working in the new emerging discipline of biological chemistry ” The Society Of Biological Chemists (India)” was founded in 1930, with its Head Quarters at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. It was registered under the Societies Act in the then Princely State of Mysore and the memorandum of registration was signed by the late Profs V Subramanian, V Pattawardhan and C V Natarajan, leading figures in the Scientific areas at that time. The Society played a crucial role during the Second World War period by advising the Government on the utilization of indigenous biomaterials as food substitutes, drugs and tonics, on the industrial and agricultural waste utilization and on management of water resources. The other areas of vital interest to the Society in the early years were nutrition, proteins, enzymes, applied microbiology, preventive medicines and the development of high quality proteins from indigenous plant sources.

89th SBC(I) Annual Meeting

Please note that, as per the decision taken in the EC meeting held on 4th June 2020, the 89th Annual Meeting of SBC(I) 2020 has been postponedĀ to December 2021 owing to an uncertain situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The detailsĀ of the 89th Annual Meeting 2021 will be updated in due course.

SBC (I) Newsletter

Newsletter Issue 112 July 2019


SBC(I) Award

SBC(I) Award Winners 2019

P.S. Sarma Memorial Award

Dr. Annapoorni Rangarajan, IISc, Bangalore

D P Burma Memorial Award

Dr. Chandrima Shaha, NII, New Delhi

P A Kurup Endowment Lecture Award

Dr. Amal Kanti Bera, IIT-Madrs, Chennai

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